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Bringing frictionless process and control to your continuous development and integration efforts is the foundation of our DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering practice. Mammoth-AI engineering practices offers:


New & Cool


This offering will automate your tests with speed, agility and a comprehensiveness never before realized. By utilizing the best of what ML/AI has to offer, our engineers will automate your test scenarios, maintain scripts and cover your application with 100% full regression at every build.

Monitoring and Alerts

Your time is precious and low priority
alerts waste your precious time.
We enable effective monitoring and alert management to fit your
specific needs. We’ll provide
appropriate dashboards, search,
and alerts through email, SMS,
and text messaging that is targeted and effective.

Synthetic Data

The Cyber threat is growing and your organization is vulnerable. Mammoth-AI offers Synthetic Data Generation that enables organizations to generate a limitless amount of realistic & highly representative data that matches the patterns, correlations, and behaviors of your production data.

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