Major Insurer Improves Application Quality with Appvance IQ

This large insurer is relying increasingly on an array of internally developed applications to support their worldwide growth. Customer expectations for fast quotes and online self-service capabilities, as well as internal process improvements, have spurred the growth of their software portfolio.
Until recently, their development teams have been using a combination of manual and automated testing. To enable automation, teams have largely been using open source tools. As the number of applications has continued to grow, and code re-use and best practices are being deployed globally, the company has begun to run into challenges with the consistency of their testing, the time commitment required to support their array of open source technologies, and their lack of visibility into test results and trends. They determined they needed a different approach.


The company launched an effort to select an AI-enabled test automation platform to achieve a series of objectives centered around their key challenges. Their evaluation criteria included the following platform requirements:
These requirements were specifically designed to address their pain-points of slow product release cycles and large numbers of undetected bugs when using manual testing, and time-consuming test creation and maintenance, lack of visibility into test results, and difficulty scaling when using automated testing.

Quick Facts


Property & Casualty Insurance


Fortune 100


US-based + > 25 countries worldwide


> 25,000

Applications Under Test

> 5,000

The Appvance IQ™ Solution

Appvance IQ (AIQ) was selected because it provided a comprehensive solution that fulfilled all the insurer’s requirements as well as providing what they call “bonus features” — performance and load testing capabilities and security / application penetration testing functionality.
The company began its implementation with just a small set of applications to prove out the results and build organizational skills gradually. Their first two applications leveraging AIQ had different areas of focus: one was switching from manual testing to automation with autonomous AI-driven testing for a new application launching within six months, while the second was shifting its open source tests to AIQ and increasing coverage by adding new self-healing UI and API tests along with load/performance and security tests. Working with the Appvance customer success team, the company deployed AIQ to their AWS Cloud and integrated with their GIT repositories. Their implementation is scalable, with ondemand test nodes spinning up and down to drive their test scenarios on an as-needed basis.
Test results including snapshots, logs, and error messages are published to an interactive dashboard which provides application health status, easy triage/prioritization of issues, and root cause analysis.
AIQ has enabled consistent automation testing control globally and streamlined the QE/QA process and toolset while enabling the company’s dev teams to focus on new feature releases rather than regression tests. This step forward has led to higher code quality and happier customers. This happy Appvance customer is now rolling out AIQ to additional applications to unlock these benefits across more of their software portfolio.

Key Results

AI-generated scripts have resulted in 97% code coverage

Resolved a serious Log4j vulnerability

Enabled continuous delivery of code

Case Study: Major Insurer Improves Application Quality with Appvance IQ