Mobile App Timing


A high fashion retailer has several Ecommerce apps which are native mobile. They compete in a highly competitive category around the world. How fast the app responds directly correlates to likeliness to complete a purchase. Measuring the timing of critical Ecommerce user flows, point to point, in their own mobile apps as well as competitors is critical in a hyper-competitive space. Fast and accurate data can drive improvements with each build.


Manual testers would use a stopwatch to attempt to time each step. This was slow, error prone and was only accurate to about one second.


A new feature was developed leveraging AI and image recognition. The system recognizes screen elements in iOS and Android as a human would and reacts similarly to the way a human would. With the ability to operate any application and accurately time actions to available items on the next screen. Including cached and server requested items. The result was rapid accurate data that improves builds and increases sales.



Improvement in timing accuracy.


The number of times a user flow re-runs to achieve significant statistical distribution.


Improvement in statistical significance.


Reduction in manual labor.


The timing accuracy of the image recognition technology.


Number of apps evaluated.


Number of countries with devices under test.

Case Study: Mobile App Timing