Corporate & Interorganizational Software Systems

Custom software development is a way to get a competitive advantage in the market due to the superior functionality a custom solution provides. Mammoth-AI offers custom software development services to plan and deliver tailored quality software reliably and promptly.

Departmental Software

We build software with features that are unmet by mass-market commercial or free software to cover the needs of a particular department within your organization. Examples: CRM, inventory management, financial management software, RIS, PACS.

Software for a Specific Business Function

We build software that fully covers business-unique and industry-specific functions, thus it doesn’t need time-consuming and complicated customization as is the case with market-available software products. Examples: price management software, clinical decision support app, specialized accounting/treasury management software, invoicing, and billing software.

Customer Self-service Apps

We build applications that help your organization deliver tailored customer experiences to win the market competition. Examples: mobile banking apps, patient portals, shopping apps.

We Deliver with Speed, Quality and Agility