Healthcare Software Testing

Need help in ensuring that your healthcare application complies with regulations?
Security of Patient Data Is Mission Critical for Healthcare Software Testing. You need a healthcare software QA testing partner who has domain expertise, a deep understanding of the importance of HIPAA compliance and maintains strict security protocols. Mammoth-AI could be that partner for you.

What Sets Mammoth-AI Apart?

When it comes to providing healthcare testing services you can trust, we’ve spent a very long time delivering expert resources, proven processes and best practices to help companies like yours stay nimble and competitive. Simply put, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Superior Expertise & Processes

  • With our 91% engineer retention and dedicated engineering resources, you always get consistency and strong knowledge of your business.
  • Our simple, easy onboarding and fast ramp-up mean there’s no time wasted getting your program or initiative up and running.
  • To meet your unique, sometimes complex needs, we bring specialized, best practices expertise on multiple tools and development technologies so you’re always confident in our results.

Unmatched Customer Service

  • We build deep, lasting, 1-to-1 relationships with you and your teams with non-billable leadership to ensure your ongoing success.
  • We have a 97% Client Retention Rate and >25% of clients have been with us for 10+ years. More than 65% of our growth comes from existing clients or their references.
  • We’re big enough to scale and reinvest but small enough so you’re always our priority and receive the personalized service you deserve.

Smarter Technology

  • We maintain enterprise-grade infrastructure and stringent data security – no exceptions.
  • We’re ahead of the curve, investing in AI technologies and Machine Learning to deliver more efficient automation testing.
  • We’ve developed modern, Offshore facilities with the latest testing labs and technology to meet your needs, fully aligned with US-based and localized leadership.

Our QA Services

Mammoth-AI provides a plethora of services and resources for healthcare software development and testing including: