Testing Center of Excellence

Many businesses continue to run dispersed testing operations. For Quality Assurance, this can mean:
  • Little or no visibility into application quality across projects, so deployment decisions made on incomplete information
  • Inability to fully control and measure application quality, leading to higher operating costs and delays in delivery schedules
  • Teams don’t have the supporting tools to share and reuse assets and knowledge.

A Virtual and Centralized Testing Command Center

Our TCoE enables you to more efficiently manage all of your resources, ensuring quality across all apps and fostering a work culture that prioritizes quality and collaboration. To deliver a comprehensive software environment that shares assets and gives full traceability, we employ our Testing Methodology and link it with HPE Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) technology.

Partnership Benefits With Us

Do you need help in developing state-of-the-art software testing solutions using the newest tools and technologies?

Testing Center of Excellence